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Voodoo Doll


Used in voodoo rituals to Heal the Sick.

Practitioners would stuff doll babies with essential herbs to help in healing the sick one.

Later on, doll babies became a part of love spell, and other good and evil spells, which is part of why a lot of people view doll babies in a bad way.

You can use anything that resembles a baby doll for your “voodoo” doll such as:

Corn Husk

A Baby Doll

Self Sewn Poppet

The first step is Baptizing your Doll in the person’s name.

-Bathe doll in holy water while saying the person name

-Leave doll resting on top of his/her picture overnight

Based on intended use, you must put the energy you desire in your doll baby to be able to manifest.

Example: LOVE Doll: sleep with doll, hug and kiss doll as if it was your lover, anoint with Attraction oil

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