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Smudging while sleeping

-Sage has been used for centuries in many cultures and religions.

-sage is great for cleansing and area/space, ppl, places, objects.

-Although there are many kinds of white sage, a very known and popular sage that works well with removing Negative energy, and cleansing is the infamous “White Sage”

-Burn White sage when you’ve had a long day while meditating, or simply because you want to cleanse (but do it with purpose)


-Smudging while sleeping has powerful benefits. It promotes healthier rest and also helps to improve stress, and intensity, bring your mind and body are at a relaxed stage while sleeping.

-Burning sage other than white sage can increase your psych abilities. If you meditate right before bed on a specific question you wish to seek answers to, then burning sage while sleeping will increase your chances of it being revealed to you while sleeping

-Sage could also be made into a tonic tea and digested for a cleansing detox

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