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Scrying is a form of Divination that involves staring at a reflective surface. 

-Crystal Ball




 Practitioners use Scrying in hopes of seeing images and visions  The visions seen during a Scrying session often provide hints of events to come in the future. 

 FIRE SCRYING:  -Stare into the fire of the flame to see what visions may appear. 

-watch as fire flickers and flashes -look for images in the flame Some see clear images, others see shapes   q  

-look for images that seem familiar, or for those that may respect in pattern  -you may also hear sounds while Scrying  WATER B SCRYING 

 -It can be any Body of water, but most use a large bowl of water

  -Practitioners use a large bowl of water then touch the surface of bowl with a wand to see the ripple effect  MIRROR SCRYING  

-Must be at a relaxed state and have a clear mind (think of a black dot or black space) then focus on surface of Mirror. And the reflection you see.

 -don’t try to strain too hard, let it come to you 

 -when done gazing into the mirror, make sure to record everything you saw, thought, felt, during Scrying session

  -you may get messages from the spirit realm that may not relate to you. Think of who in your circle it may relate to.

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