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Florida Water

Florida water is used in Hoodoo and Folklore magick for protection

Protection magick goes back to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Used in most magical beliefs system around the works today.

1.Remove all labels from the bottle

2. Use a white blank paper and write Psalms

3. Write all names of everyone in the household on top of Psalms.

4. Wrap the paper around a bottle of Florida Water using clear tape


-you will need Lavender buds to protect your home. Black salt to reverse any evil. Angelic root to receive blessings, a piece of Jade crystal for prosperity, and 3 straws from your broom to keep away unwanted visitors.

-Take a 7day white glass candle and anoint it with money house blessing oil. Burn candle beside bottle every day. Place a loaf of bread on the other side of the bottle. Shake well every day.

– When finished, use Florida Water to anoint your doorways, front porch, mailbox

– Pinch off a piece from the bread and spread it in the yard so the birds can carry your blessings throughout the neighborhood.

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